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Price category fabrics


Price category D
Advantage, Phoenix

Price category E
Chateau Plus, Xtreme Plus

Price category F
Castell Plus, Main Line Plus, Plaza, X-Factor Plus

Price category G
Acrobat, Complements Plus, Velvetine Plus, Xtra Soft Plus

Price category H
24/7, High Tech, Opera Plus, Xtra Care Plus Plain

Price category I
New Aquarius, Oxygen, Virtual Plus, Xtra Care Plus Pattern

Price category J
Air Space, Archery Plus, Classica, Illusion, Savile Row, Sketch Plus

Price category K
Blazer, Melange, O-Zone, Vintage

Price category W
Leather - Elmosoft, no: 501
Black and white leather is standard, for other colours you need to buy a hide.

Screen fabrics

Price category C

Price category E

Fabric suppliers:

BWF: Palermo
Camira Fabrics Ltd: Cara, Oxygen, Xtreme Plus
Dinamica: Classica
Elmo: Elmosoft
Gabriel A/S: Attraction Screen, Comfort+, Fame
Gudbrandsdalens: Heidal

NB! All our furniture/screen walls can be covered with fabrics not included in EFG´s standard assortment, i.e. “Customer provides fabric”. As these customer fabrics are not tested in the same way as the fabrics in our standard assortment, EFG can not provide guarantees on these fabrics.