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Screen- and wall system

How do you furnish open areas in the best possible way? Which areas will be general areas? Which areas will be personal? With our screen and wall system you are free to design an open landscape to suit your ideas and needs. Both with regard to design, function, colours and materials.

EFG Room floor screens available in two thicknesses (45 and 80 mm). The latter with Class A for sound absorption and sound attenuation. The screens are made of recycled, sound-absorbent polyester fibre and fabric, covered with laminated fabric.

EFG screen wall system is based on a solid metal construction. The screens are available with fabric covered, sound-absorbent padding and clear plexiglass. The screens have a well thought out system for wires and connections.

Team Prowall is our wall system. With the same functionality and flexibility as our furniture ranges, and with the same accessories.

Flexi floor and desk screens have limp shapes which make it possible to place, both straight and curved (U- or S-shape).

EFG pLay is basically a fabric-covered L-shape. The filling, consisting of recycled, sound absorbing polyester fibre and textiles, is pressed together with the panel’s fabric covering. Mount the sound absorbing panels on the wall or hang them from the ceiling.

EFG Room
Team Prowall Wall system
EFG Skärmväggssystem
Flexi floor and desk screens
EFG pLay