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EFG Matthews, part of the European Furniture Group delivers excellence in design, function and workplace ergonomics in all its office furniture.

The European Furniture Group is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of business-to-business furniture in Europe. Our products have has not only been designed to meet the high demands of commercial environments, but government workplaces too.

EFG Matthews aims to achieve excellence in office furniture solutions to build long-term relationships with our clients and increase customer satisfaction. We continuously encourage customer feedback to ensure our systems evolve and meet the ever changing demands on desking, seating and storage.

This is why EFG has one of the largest and most dynamic office furniture ranges on the market.

Adaptability in design is one of our key objectives when we develop our ranges. Examples of adaptable EFG office furniture are our sit/stand tables, our mobile storage range and our office chair Milagro.

The other major EFG objective is to provide flexible ergonomics in our designs, facilitating healthier seating positions and consequently improving quality of the workplace for our clients’ staff.

EFG Matthews provide a range of services designed to support clients when purchasing office furniture from us. Year on year customer surveys reveal that over 98% of clients say they would recommend EFG to someone else. These statements validate the high-quality standard of our office furniture and support services.

Regardless of whether the contact is directly with the customer or whether it involves working with consultants, architects or ergonomy specialists, EFG will provide you with its professional advice services to optimise your office furniture solution. We will help planning your workplace environment, manage the logistical challenge and give you inspiration and new ideas, irrespective of the size of the project.

EFG Matthews also prides itself on flexibility and high degrees of customisation. We manufacture bespoke office furniture for exceptional projects, by adapting the design, colour or materials of office furniture ranges we already have or designing a completely unique solution to suit our clients’ needs.

EFG Matthews office furniture supplier delivers its office desks and office chairs to locations throughout the UK. Our showrooms are in Birmingham, Glasgow, St. Helen’s and Reading. Our head office is based in St. Helens. Internationally, the company has branches all over Europe, in Sweden, Denmark, France, Finland, Norway, Russia and the Netherlands, providing our customers with bespoke office furniture solutions.

EFG Office furniture Supplier History

We began in 1885, when K.G. Andersson manufactured and sold his first rib-backed office chair in Tranås. The business gradually expanded both with regard to assortment and size until 1972, when the next step forward was taken. After a merger with two other companies the name was changed to NKR.

1993 we changed our name to European Furniture Group - EFG. The background to this is EUs "four freedoms" that not only provide the possibility to work a homogenous European market, we see it as a necessity in order to act strongly in the future. International expansion is to be our strategy for the future.

The first step into the European market was taken in 1992, when we purchased 50% av Wingerei, Norways largest sales company for office furniture. That was followed by the acquisition of Finnish ASKO Huonekalus office furniture division 1997. The same year we bought the rest of Wingerei. And 1999 we established ourselves firmly in Great Britain by way of the acquisition of Matthews Office furniture Ltd.

EFG Office furniture Supplier: Quality

We have a five year guarantee on our products.

Accredited test laboratory

We test our office furniture in our own test laboratory, accredited by Swedac. This means that our competence in this area has been tested and approved and that we can carry out our own office furniture tests. Our routines are identical to public test laboratories.

For you, as our customer, this means that we can provide you with a test certificate. With a photograph of the product and the results from the test, showing that the product meets the specific requirements.

Quality policy

Our products and services are to meet the requirements for: quality, function, flexibility, good environment, economy and design.

Office furniture

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