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To look at a PDF-file of a brochure - click on the name of the brochure. In order to download a PDF-file of a brochure click right on your mouse and choose "Save target as".

To order - mark the alternatives that you require, press "continue" , fill in the form with your address information and press "send".

  EFG ONE (551 KB)
  EFG Aura (1,9 MB)
  EFG Education (4,27 MB)
  EFG Classroom (1,57 MB)
  EFG InTouch, EFG Hippione, EFG MySpace (898 KB)
  Offering Meeting Place Solutions (2,06 MB)
  EFG HideTech - Furniture for meetings (4,56 MB)
  EFG Room, EFG pLay & EFG Flow - Screens for focusing (1,25 MB)
  Savo Invite (801 KB)
  EFG Showroom 2009/2010 (5,34 MB)
  Colours - Fabrics and screen fabrics (1,73 MB)
  Colours - Materials and colours (1,22 MB)
  EFG Izi - The flexible family (1,47 MB)
  Meeting Furniture (4,09 MB)
  EFG Izi Niveau Project (2,04 MB)
  Savo S3 (1,67 MB)
  Bondo brochure (1 MB)
  EFG Price lists: Workplace, Task chairs and Interface furniture
With a password you can download or print the EFG price lists as PDF files under Assortment.
  EFG and the environment (891 KB)