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EFG Nostra Bench

EFG Nostra Bench is the latest addition to the Nostra family. The system meets the current trend to cut the average workspace. The system provides a maximum of flexibility on a minimum of work surface. EFG Nostra Bench system is a dynamic solution, opening the doors to new and interesting
workplace environments.

The flexible frame solution means that two tables can share the same legs for maximum leg room. The frame is height adjustable from 600 mm to 900 mm. Screens and end posts can be utilised for accessories and monitors, keeping the desk area free for its real job.

With the system’s strong, flexible frame and wide selection of table tops you can create not just rectangular but Y and S configurations, too. That means you can optimise effectiveness and ergonomics and turn the office into a stimulating place of work whatever your needs. What’s more, you can create private spheres, for instance by adding privacy screens.

The EFG Nostra Bench is available in melamine and natural birch or beech veneer as standard finishes.

If you would like to know more about EFG Nostra Bench or get in touch with one of EFG’s Sales Team you can click on the symbol “call me back” in the upper right hand corner!