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Delivery concepts

Delivering excellence throughout Europe

Stock Option Items will be delivered within 7-10 working days, assuming a positive stock position. This service is only available on selected items from our standard furniture ranges as detailed in our Specification & Price Guide. You can find more information at EFG Stock Option.

Normal assortment - Maximum 50 work stations
Refers to assortment available in our standard price lists. Delivered from factory in 15 working days from order registration plus route correction. Maximum 50 products of each article can be ordered. When your order total exceed 1 mSEK it becomes automatically a project order, which means that the delivery time will be more than 15 days and is decided on a case by case basis. However, rarely up to 30 working days.

Normal assortment - More than 50 work stations
Standard products > 50 work stations are handled as project orders. Delivery time between 51-100 pieces per article from factory is 20 working days from order registration and for above 100 pieces, the delivery time is 30 working days from order. For both alternatives the route correction shall be added.

Project orders with non-standard products
Orders containing products that are not within standard assortment are delivered from the factory in 30 working days from order confirmation, plus route correction. For some products, the delivery time can not be decided until after offer has been received from the supplier. This is valid for reception desks and odd special solutions, in which preparation and construction requires longer processing time. Normally the preparation of an order are to be ready in 4 days. Important is that the delivery time for all project orders shall be calculated from when the order confirmation is received from the factory.