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Trygdeetaten Oslo

Trygdeetaten a blend of old and new

The head office of the National Insurance Administration, Trygdeetaten, in Oslo is responsible for pensions, sickness benefits and family allowance. When the organization changed premises, new office furniture was purchased for 360 of the 650 workstations.

Standard solutions mean fast delivery
In the middle of February we submitted our tender, on April 11 we were awarded the order and on May 13 we began delivery. The order comprised a total of around 360 workstations-which had to harmonize with approximately the same number from the old premises.
The smooth transition from order to installation was due to a number of reasons. One factor was the impressive groundwork by the customer together with Totalreform consultants. Another was that the National Insurance Administration chose to invest in standard furnishings.

Standard solutions for a simpler future
– If you can find standard products to suit, it's a definite advantage, says Per Vinje, project manager. Mainly because it makes it easier to - quickly - expand furniture in the future. We've proved that already, the 360 new workstations are very much a complement to those we already had.

Standard solutions no limit
– If you've got such a broad range as EFG, a standard solution does not necessarily mean limited possibilities, Per continues. In our basic agreement which covers all of the National Insurance Admnistration, there are a number of different ranges of furniture, eg, Ofi desking range for both individual and group workstations. Ofi och Symfoni conference tables in meeting rooms together with Harlekiini office chairs for instance. Mobile EFG Storage in all communal areas. Futurum seating , Liisa armchairs and Carat armchairs in leisure areas. And Avec tables, Astor tables and Hi.Fly chairs in the cafeteria.

Customer Trygdeetaten, Oslo
Delivery May 2003
Working places 360
Architect Consult: Totalreform