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Pharmacia Stockholm

753 workplaces in 8 weeks.

Pharmacia in Stockholm wanted a total of 753 workplaces split between two buildings. Interior designer Lena Anderson at FFNS Arkitekter was in charge. But the driving force was time. In more than one way.

Time and space theme
Together with colleagues at Pharmacia, Lena developed a time and space theme. Using the earth as a symbol for time, space and humanity, the solution was warmth through textiles, wood – and colours. Red for life and people, blue for sky and sea, and green for land and flora.

Delivery time
“Pharmacia is my most time-critical project so far. But also one of the most enjoyable,” says Kjell Eriksson, EFG’s showroom manager in Stockholm. “We submitted our offer on March 11, showed sample furniture on March 15 and were awarded the order on March 21. We started to deliver eight weeks later for occupation on June 10. And nothing was standard.”

The overall solution is open plan. Many were sceptical, but in Lena’s experience that initial anxiety is quickly replaced by a more positive reaction. Each workplace consists of:
– a sit/stand desk with ash table top.
– a personal pedestal (red and birch finish) with castors.
– two low cupboards, with oak tops and birch sides.
There are also high cupboards for communal storage.

Customer Pharmacia
Delivery June 2002
Working places 753
Architect Lena Anderson