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SAP Copenhagen

9000 m² of life and adaptability

The German SAP group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of business systems and e-business solutions. When SAP Danmark wanted to fit out its new office, its aim was to create something much more than just a workplace.

The adaptable office
“When we were going to move into our new office, the furnishing was the top priority,” says Maibritt Heide at SAP. “The starting point was to create a workplace where both employees and visitors could feel at home.”
“Of course, the most important thing is to be able to offer a comfortable yet stimulating work environment.
This also means the office has to be adaptable. Just as tasks and forms of work change, so too must the office
be able to change.”

Working with EFG Partner
“We chose EFG Partner as our furniture supplier,” continues Maibritt. “An important reason for this was that we wanted to work with a company that is both professional and committed. We put a lot of work into the project together. But then we got the results. Brilliant!”

SAP Danmark has 200 employees and a number of visitors every day. This means that the furnishing arrange-ments must offer both dynamic work-stations and meeting rooms that invite interactivity – or concentration.

Customer SAP
Delivery April 2002
Working places 200
Architect 3X Nielsen