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Forsman & Bodenfors Factory, Gothenburg

When Forsman & Bodenfors Factory, the production company affiliated to one of the most successful advertising agencies in Sweden, remodelled its offices, the principles and thinking behind the interior design were pure design, original expression, factory. Just over 40 people work at Forsman & Bodenfors Factory with media production, texts, images and web design. It's a graphics factory with staff who are both aesthetically savvy and discriminating.

Krook & Tjäder architects were commissioned to draft an initial interior design proposal. EFG's job consisted of transforming the proposal into reality – working with the client to find the right balance between the company's soul and guiding principles, existing furnishings and new products.

A number of new workstations were added to the airy, slightly raw, office space containing most of the existing office furniture. Glazed breakout rooms, for fast-paced creative meetings, were built and furnished with minimalist lounge furniture and green carpets. The rooms act as inviting green oases in the open-plan office.

The clean-cut and welcoming bespoke reception counter, made by EFG, greets visitors and immediately gives the room a clear identity.

Two conference rooms for longer and larger meetings, and equipped for video conference and interactive presentations, were built along the facade with a view over a large portion of central Göteborg.

The kitchen and lunchroom are located far away from the office area. Staff from the other side of the office get there on kick scooters, adding to the industrial ambience. The lunchroom also has a stunning view across green tin roofs and dock cranes, which really creates a sense of being away from the office for a while.

The yellow lines running through both the conference rooms and the lunchroom are reminiscent of a factory shop floor. The lines also add a distinct character to the room and link the different departments together.

All in all, F&B Factory now boasts open and airy offices, with plenty of space for socializing. It's like being on the shop floor of the 21st century: clean, but offbeat. Like a creative factory, looking out over the rooftops.

Customer Forsman & Bodenfors Factory AB
Delivery 2011
Working places Offices, conference and meeting rooms, canteen, reception
Architect Krook & Tjäder AB