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Bjurfors, Malmö City

A new downtown office at a very select location. An interior design concept based on the company’s graphic design profile. An ad agency as a sounding board. Open to onlookers – a new workplace at street level, without window coverings. Lots of things weren’t quite as usual when EFG furnished the Bjurfors Malmö City office.

The office as a shop window

Bjurfors is one of the leading estate agents in Sweden. The company has just moved to a new, modern, and exclusive office location in the Swedish city of Malmö.
“We’d furnished their offices in Lund, a town close to Malmö. That meant the basis was there, but the requirements of the new exclusive location obviously called for adaptation,” recalls Martin Fogelström, project manager at EFG. “To get it right, we even helped find an architect, Marina Lindgren from Fojab.”

Adapting to the area and the company

There was plenty to keep in mind when planning the interior design of the new office. There was a basic interior design concept, taken from the company’s brand and corporate identity. The special character of the area had to be added to the equation. And there were to be no window coverings, giving passers-by a clear view into the street-level offices.

A solution with the support of our partners

“It was more important to be timelessly elegant than to be hip,” says Martin Fogelstöm. The basic colours thus consisted of black, white, and slate blue with highlights in green and cerise. “Even if I say it myself, the interior design is a successful mix of furniture from us and selected partners.”
Camilla Revå Axby, marketing manager at Bjurfors, is very pleased with the result. “It’s a perfect example of how to do things! Martin and his colleagues have done a great job.”

Martin Fogelström, EFG and Camilla Revå Axby, marketing manager at Bjurfors Malmö City
Martin Fogelström, EFG and Camilla Revå Axby, marketing manager at Bjurfors Malmö City
Customer Bjurfors, Malmö City, Sweden
Delivery November 2009
Working places 45
Products EFG Storage, EFG Teamspirit/ Chair Catifa from Arper, and others
Architect Marina Lindgren from Fojab