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NAV, New Labour and Welfare Administration, Norway

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, NAV, was established in 2006 and local offices are gradually being established throughout the country. By the end of 2010, all 430 municipalities in Norway will have their own local offices.

To date, approximately half of the offices have been fully furnished. And bearing in mind the sheer scope of the project, a lot has happened in a short time.

Universal look a must

The ability to meet the customer’s requirement for a universal design was a central part of the tender.

This requirement means that an individual office may be utilized to the greatest possible extent by all people – without modification or special design. Of course, that’s why we are extra proud that NAV chose us as their partner.

A local and logistical challenge

With one head office and 430 local offices in a country that measures 1 752 km from north to south, furnishing offices at NAV is all about personal service, logistics and delivering on time. Of course, that’s been made easier by the fact that we have 44 locations around Norway.

“With 16 000 people affected by the reorganization, it has clearly called for a number of adjustments along the way. This has been nothing but stimulating, and the cooperation between us and NAV has worked perfectly,” says Mona Lise Lien, marketing manager at EFG HOV+DOKKA in Norway.

Customer NAV, New Labour and Welfare Administration, Norway
Delivery 2007-2010
Working places 430 offices around Norway
Products EFG Storage, EFG Chairs/Armchairs
Architect Siv Berg Larsen and Anne Kristine Kleppan, Consultant: moolo.no