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TFS, Espoo, Finland

TFS Trial Form Support is a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO ) that performs clinical tests, primarily for pharmaceuticals manufacturers. TFS continues to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry with regional offices at 18 locations, including Espoo, Finland.

Consensus among clients and co-workers

When Daniel Spasic founded TFS Trial Form Support in Lund, Sweden, he recognised the need for a company with a totally different view of customer cooperation. He envisioned a company that was more enthusiastic and really listened to the needs of clients.

To that end, TFS recruited enthusiastic co-workers with their ears wide open. It also meant creating a work environment that was stimulating and showed how much the company valued its co-workers. As our values proved to be the same, EFG was the natural choice as a partner.

Inspired by our showrooms

When TFS contacted EFG prior to the move to a new office, we presented our way of working. They liked it. They liked the fact that instead of simply concentrating on furniture we focused on the needs of the customer – just like TFS.

Our offices and showroom in Helsinki, Finland, were yet another argument in our favour. TFS wanted to duplicate our solutions, but with one key difference: at TFS open-plan offices are not a viable alternative. The tasks performed call for utmost peace and quiet.

Airy relaxation areas

Although the workplace may be characterized by relative isolation and silence, the breakout areas positively invite socializing. This is where co-workers stop for coffee, discuss the news and exchange ideas. But most of all it’s where they relax.

Customer TFS Trial Form Support Oy, Finland
Delivery April 2008
Working places 33 workstations, relaxation area, conference room
Products EFG Chairs/Armchairs, EFG Easy chairs/Sofas, Counter system
Architect Consultant: Kristiina Tanninen, EFG