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Upplands Motor, Stockholm, Sweden

Boasting an impressive 15,000 square metres, the new car showrooms at Upplands Motors represent the single largest investment in Stockholm’s auto trade since the 1970s. The aim was to create an environment that’s both welcoming for customers and inspiring for employees.

Unusually unusual specs

The Upplands Motors group is one of the country’s foremost dealerships for Renault, Ford, Jaguar - and Volvo, which the company has sold for 43 years. And it just keeps on growing. The new premises are particularly expansive, consisting of two joined buildings with a 12 metre height difference and an area measuring a full 15,000 square metres.

Total responsibility and special solutions

“ This was one of the tougher assignments I’ve worked on, but it was also definitely the most fun,” says EFG’s Carolin Lysholm. EFG not only supplied the furniture proposal but also took full responsibility for all purchases, coordination and deliveries, and fitting.
“In addition, there were a lot of bespoke solutions, such as the table tops and counter fronts, door panels in white plexiglass and red for the wall-hung storage units. Knowing the client is as satisfied as I am makes me feel both pleased – and a little proud.”

Open and light with colour accents

“The combination of white walls and glass walls creates an open and welcoming impression for visitors. This is reinforced with desks and storage in white, as well as seating in subdued grey or black.
“Stronger colours are used as accents instead. The most obvious examples are the red plexiglass doors on the storage units in the sales reps’ offices,” concludes Carolin.

Customer Upplands Motor, Stockholm, Sweden
Delivery August 2007 and January 2008
Working places Around 100 workstations, restaurant, café and training rooms.
Products EFG Chairs/Armchairs, EFG Easy chairs/Sofas