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L´Oréal, Stockholm, Sweden

L’Oréal is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world with such well-known brands as Lancôme, Biotherm, and Cacharel, to name but a few. There were originally two L’Oréal offices in Stockholm. Today everyone works under the same roof.

Moving to new premises is often a good opportunity to invest in new furniture and fittings, to start afresh with a uniform look for furnishings. L’Oréal opted for all new furniture to ensure that the new offices would be both attractive and homogeneous.

Focus on co-workers
L’Oréal aims to be "a great place to work." Investing in the best possible working environment shows that the company cares. Naturally, the company’s coworkers were part of the process. Sit/stand desks were chosen as a matter of course, and extra care went into creating comfortable and attractive meeting places.

White and light throughout
In all, there are around 140 workstations in the new offices. EFG Izi Niveau desks are teamed with white MFC table tops. White is also the colour of the frames, backs and doors of the storage units. White features prominently in the training room, too, with Avec tabletops and Sit chair backs in white.

Customer L´Oréal, Stockholm, Sweden
Delivery June 2007
Working places Approximately 140 workstations, as well as meeting and training areas
Products EFG Chairs/Armchairs
Architect Consultant Sven Gustafsson, Nomad CR