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Save the Children Sweden

Save the Children Sweden is a democratic movement with active members, many sympathizers and strong roots in Swedish society. Save the Children works for the good of children throughout the world. This was also something that would be reflected in the organisation's new offices in Stockholm.

Upside down world
Save the Children Sweden’s new offices were built at the end of the IT boom at a time when luxury was regarded as standard.
‘Not that there is anything wrong in that really,’ says interior designer Eva Skogh. ‘But it doesn’t tally very well with the activities of Save the Children Sweden. So counteracting the slightly showy aspect, and demonstrating more empathy and child friendliness were obvious requirements when I created the design proposal. Adding an international touch was another.
‘I solved the latter to a large extent by using brightly coloured, decorative textiles from Africa and South America in the office and recreation areas.’

Two custom solutions…
– ‘The real challenge was to tone down the over-thetop standard,’ Eva continues. ‘Everyone agrees the end result is really good, and two solutions from EFG are key ingredients.
‘In the first case, it was a matter of reducing the cold effect created by the glass mosaic in a recreation area. The solution was to use fun tile inlays in Astor café tables. In the second case, we had to compensate for the lack of meeting space.’ EFG helped by designing a table for computer training that could be quickly transformed into a conference table – without having to remove the computer equipment.
‘Magic? Yes, almost,’ Eva jokes.

Customer Save the Children Sweden, Stockholm
Delivery June 2005
Architect Eva Skogh