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SONY Nordic

When Sony Nordic furnished its new offices in Ballerup, it was a rush towards the end. But with good advance planning, things never became stressful.

It's not very often you get involved in a project really, really early. But that is exactly what happened when Sony Nordic decided to furnish its new offices in Ballerup. And thanks to that, we were also ready and able to work quickly when time started to run out. This is what Bent Sörenson, Sony's project manager, has to say about the project.

Thorough and inspiring proposal
“We’d already been in contact with EFG earlier.So it felt natural to start a dialogue with them even before the actual building plans were finalised. They have been with us throughout the entire process. But obviously we talked to other suppliers to get a good basis for our decisions.

During their first visit, EFG presented an extensive and very thoroughly planned proposal. Sketches, charts and various ideas for furnishings, with a lot of thought put in to colours and a good work environment.
We felt really inspired and could almost see the end result in front of us.”

Time started to run out
“Once we’d made the final decision, we were suddenly
out at the last minute. That’s when we could rely on EFG who’d kept one step ahead all the time and thought about everything to do with the project. Despite being really pressed for time, they were still able to manufacture all the furniture and supply fitters
in plenty of time for moving in.”

Customer SONY Nordic A/S, Ballerup, Denmark
Delivery May 2005
Working places 85 complete workstations