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630 workstations in a month

When Telia furnished its new offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company chose desking and storage from EFG for 630 workstations.

Telia’s operations used to be located at several different sites across the Gothenburg region. Everything has now been concentrated to a single site — in three buildings that are joined together. Two of them were already there but the third building was erected to provide space for a further 630 co-workers. With their prime position overlooking the city’s famous river, the offices really are rooms with a view.

Storage and desks
EFG’s commission included equipping 630 new workstations with desks and functional storage. For the desking, Telia chose our new sit/stand table, EFG sit+up, across the board to create a sense of uniformity. And hanging CPU holders, shelves for laptops and hanging wastepaper bins make cleaning easy.

The storage solution consisted of three A4 high cupboards with a special lacquer on the sliding doors and backs. Drawer modules replaced freestanding pedestals to reduce floor space requirements.

Responsible for joinery
The reception and counter, stage floor and a wall of light… Taking responsibility for more than we actually supply is the rule, rather than the exception. But being in charge of purchasing and supervising all the custom joinery was still a new and stimulating task.

In place in record time
In mid-October we received the order. On November 11, the first lorry of nine left EFG in Tranås for Gothenburg. On November 26, all the desks and storage units were in place. That’s 630 workstations, just over a month after getting the order. We’re pretty proud of that.

Customer Telia, Gothenburg
Delivery November 2004
Working places 630
Architect Thomas Ericson