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Norwich Union

EFG Nostra’s legroom was the deciding factor

EFG Nostra got off to a flying start with a major order, 575 workstations, before its official launch. The customer was Norwich Union, one of the leading insurance companies in the UK, and its new call centre.

With EFG Nostra at the helm
When Norwich Union’s call centre moved to new premises, EFG was assigned overall responsibility for furnishings, based on a design by consultants

The initial stage consisted of 575 workstations, with space for a further 120. The basis for the new look was
EFG Nostra desking with a special surface in vanilla melamine, together with EFG Teamspirit office chairs.

The commission also included furnishings for conference areas, the restaurant and breakout areas. EFG also provided product from other manufacturers such as Bisley for storage and Allermuir for conference seating.

Leg room made the difference
Norwich Union chose EFG Nostra for several reasons. The key factor was flexibility, making it possible to create
groups with 12 desks in each. The flexible frame solution meant that two tables could share the same legs for
maximum leg room. Other desks on the market offer the same solution, but they just couldn’t beat EFG Nostra
for value.

Customer Norwich Union
Delivery September 2003
Working places 575
Architect INTERDEC