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Växthuset Gothenburg

Växthuset. Where children grow. And we blush.

Växthuset (“The Greenhouse”) is a centre for research and treatment of children with endocrinological disorders. The centre is a world leader in research into children’s growth. But Växthuset is also about imaginative architecture in both its design and furnishings.

Total responsibility with EFG in charge
Växthuset. This is a place where patients and their families should be greeted by a warm welcoming atmosphere, where everyone can feel safe. And be seen.
Architect Lena Anderson used those ideas as her starting point when planning the interior design. Her blueprint included Ofi sit/stand desking with ash surfaces, EFG Milagro, interface furniture and special solutions for both traditional and mobile storage.
But it also included furniture from other suppliers, and plenty more items, like lighting and textiles. The best part was being entrusted with overall responsibility for the job.

A painless partnership
When the project was concluded, we received a letter from the project leader, Cecilia Axelson, and Professor
Kerstin Albertsson Wikland: “Together we have created a unique hospital environment that is greatly appreciated by both patient families and colleagues.
“We also want to thank EFG’s staff in Gothenburg who has really been supportive, down to the last detail.”
The obvious reply is of course: It takes two to tango.

The address to Växthuset is:
Enheten för barnendokrinologi och diabetes
Drottning Silvias barn- och ungdomssjukhus
SE-416 85 Gothenburg
Tel +46 31 343 51 67

Customer Paediatric Growth Research Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden
Delivery September, 2003
Working places about 70 + waiting and meeting rooms
Architect Lena Anderson, Sweco FFNS Arkitekter